Vega 56 ethereum

vega 56 ethereum

Профиль разгона AMD RX Vega 56 для майнинга Ethereum на алгоритме DaggerHashimoto ETH. Тысячи профилей разгона для вас. Про PowerColor Radeon RX Vega 56 Red Devil обзор и тест в Про MSI AIR BOOST RX vega 56 тест в майнинге (Neoscrypt, Ethash, дуал ETH+B2S). Продолжительность.

Vega 56 ethereum

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Nothing too crazy right? A few days after that post was made the original Reddit poster got his hand on an actual power meter to test system power consumption at the wall. With this new tool in his possession he came up with around Watts per card after doing some math on the efficiency of his power supply.

Before that math he was showing around Watts per card. Not exactly the Watts he claimed, but still not a bad number. The bad news was that a number of Reddit users were unable to reproduce his results. He said this in a couple posts that we combined into one quote to defend his numbers:. I exploited a bug in WattMan in We just got this card and want to see how far we can push it!

When we requested more cryptocurrency performance information our contacts at AMD said they were focused on gamers and had nothing to add. We are sure that the mining community will try these cards out and modify the firmware to extract the most performance from VEGA in the coming weeks.

Be sure to take a look at our article from earlier this year if you want to know what the best GPU is for ether mining or to see what hardware we suggest buying to setup a rig! We have been playing around with overclocking a bit more on the VEGA RX 56 and the performance numbers are a little weird.

We are able to overclock the memory from MHz up to MHz with full stability. Running the memory at MHz causes an instant crash and MHz causes random crashes at load, so we stuck with MHz. This is a nice bump up from the stock number of We also have been having issues with Wattman going transparent during use, so another growing pain that needs to be worked out on Vega!

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HASHRATE of the 6 x Vega 56 8GB Mining Rig!

Это очевидно. обмен валюты в москве марьино метро разработки нашего


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50 Mh/s Ethereum Mining Vega GPU

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