Ethereum rpg game

ethereum rpg game

Trade Bitcoin and Ethereum futures with up to x Leverage, deep liquidity and tight spread. Trading fees as low as %. $* rewards to. [Battle test is being held until January 6, ! ] No.1 Blockchain game in the world. A long-awaited new work from the “My Crypto Heroes” team! г. — Текущая цена Revolve Games — 1, $ (RPG / USD). Цена Revolve Games на 46,13 % ниже исторического максимума, равного 1,92 $.

Ethereum rpg game

Each hero must return to headquarters after the battle. During the time they return, they are not available for re-sending and leveling up. The arena - where your heroes fight against the heroes of other players. You must choose heroes and build your own strategy competently to defeat your opponents. The game has leaderboards. You can also challenge other players. For three turns, the heroes will fight opponents, following the chosen strategy.

The consequences of the struggle will be decided on the blockchain, which means that there are no scammers here. My Crypto Heroes. Адресок электронной почты This email is already registered. By joining, you agree to our Условия и положения. Please verify your account. Основная Dapp ranking CryptoSaga. Категория: Блокчейн: Язык:. Game Ethereum English. Реакция на статью. Похожие Даппы View All. The higher the ATK, the more damage the hero takes.

The higher the DEF, the less damage the hero takes. AGL affects whether the hero dodges an attack because a higher AGL increases the ability to avoid enemy attacks. Luck determines whether an attack is critical or not. LUK also increases the likelihood of hitting the enemy. During the battle, this indicator may decrease.

Players also have the opportunity to join guilds and trade heroes with other players later it is planned to introduce trade in other goods and to play the jackpot. The game is available on Android, as well as an iOS release soon. Results of the Play-to-Earn contest. AMA with Knightlands. Share Tweet. View all results.

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