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ethereum icons

mastercard-icon. bitcoin-icon. ethereum-icon. Haben Sie Fragen? Lass uns quatschen! Sicher Reisen mit Altezza! Unser gesamtes Team ist gegen Corona geimpft. Актуальная информация по SportsIcon (ICONS): цена, рыночная капитализация, торговые пары, графики и данные от крупнейшего в мире сайта Ethereum0x3F bitcoin, ethereum, and binance icons decorated with cool circuit board ornaments. illustration for Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrency icon. Vector.

Ethereum icons

Ethereum icons 7750 майнинг


Free Cryptocurrency Icons by NaldzGraphics. The team behind NaldzGraphics knows a thing or two about graphical design; therefore, their freebies are incredibly popular among the community due to their high quality, skillful realization, and a great idea. This free bundle is no exception. It is a must-have for every designer who is up to a collection of trusted resources.

The pack includes Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, and some other popular tokens. There are 20 items in a bag. Each one has a traditional eye-pleasing circular shape, a lovely gradient that adds a bulgy feel, and sharp details to look precise on any device. Cryptocurrency Icons by Mansoor Ali Khan. If the circular shape is not your cup of tea, you should try the Cryptocurrency icons pack by Ali Khan that offers lovely square-shaped icons with sleek rounded corners.

That is not all. The key feature of this pack lies in a gradient that is bold and daring. It makes each icon look amazing. The pack includes 12 items that represent the most popular coins in the market. Each one comes in PSD format with fully editable and well-organized layers.

Each icon comes in a clean, sleek, flat style not 3D style, as you can see on the preview image. Each one is made according to producer specifications. Therefore, the set is neutral so that any design may benefit from it. World of Vector Logo. Since cryptocurrency is an integral part of it, here you can find logotypes of all registered coins. Each one comes in a scalable format, SVG, and pretty massive resolution. Although there is no online editor where you can customize graphics to fit your project that is a popular feature of such platforms, you still have some options to choose from: tokens are featured in several styles and color schemes.

Free Cryptocurrency Icons from 4Vector. Bold, isometric, extremely detailed, and just charismatic: icons in this fantastic bundle will spruce up any interface, artwork, or presentation with an irresistible 3D appeal. Created with the blockchain sector in mind, the pack has some skillfully illustrated concepts like anonymity, Bitcoin calculator, Bitcoin encryption, Bitcoin wallet, and some others.

Thanks to scalable format, aka SVG, you can resize them to fit your needs without sacrificing quality. Cryptocurrency Icons by Condacore. This set of cryptocurrency icons counts almost items. It is one of the most extensive and all-embracing libraries on the web: it features all available coins in the market.

Each icon is available only in PNG format but in four standard sizes 16x16px, 32x32px, 64x64px and xpx. Crypto Currency Logos. Dated back in , this set of cryptocurrency icons still provides designers with relevant graphical material. The deal is Vladislav, the author of this pack, has smartly singled out popular digital currencies that have easily gotten through the years. Made in a subtle flat style, icons have a neat and clean appearance. Cryptocurrency Icons by Junik Studio.

The freebie covers 28 digital currencies from popular Bitcoin to less known AquariusCoin in 10 different styles monochrome, outline, colored, solid , resulting in items. Each icon is provided in four sizes and two formats. If you are up to creating something big and extravagant, then you need monochrome graphics since it serves as a solid base for manipulation.

For example, Bitcoin Solid and Bitcoin 2 — packs created by Iconscout where Bitcoin plays the first fiddle — provide a safe foundation to let your imagination run wild. The team has created a range of graphics that visualizes popular concepts such as payment, analytics, banking that are an excellent choice for any fintech project.

As for design, the first pack has icons with a solid flat design, whereas the second one features icons with refined hole shapes. This pack of cryptocurrency icons covers popular coins and tokens in the market and illustrations that visualize basic concepts necessary for creating blockchain-related interfaces.

Inside the package, you will find 90 items made in the carefully crafted line style and neutral black color. They are easily customizable so that you can alter their appearance. Cryptocurrency Icons. You will undoubtedly be surprised by its assortment. As for design, icons ship in three different styles vibrant and solid, traditional black and white, and basic circle-shaped.

If you want to customize them, you can use Sketch App since each item is available in Sketch format. Alternatively, each icon is presented in PNG format in three popular sizes: px, px, px. The Bitcoin Vector Icons pack from Graphic Pear can help crypto startups who are in search of high-quality graphical material that explains fundamental blockchain concepts in a simple way. The freebie includes 25 beautifully crafted icons made in elegant monoline style and black color that ensures a simple yet modern appearance and instant delivery of the message.

It will go perfectly well with all sorts of web interfaces, mobile apps, digital newsletters, and of course, artworks. Free Bitcoin Vector Icons from Unblast. While most blockchain-related packs try to cover various concepts, this one prioritizes only one element, Bitcoin.

The father of all digital coins is featured almost in every icon here. However, it is so well ingrained into every composition that it does not overwhelm viewers. The bundle comprises only 20 items; however, each item can be easily customizable through the online editor. You can choose among 12 styles: monochrome, monoline, vibrant, solid, colorful, etc. Bitcoin Freebie by Jemis Mali. Crypto Icons is an ongoing open-source project that is regularly updated to provide the most extensive collection of vector-based icons of digital tokens.

By now, it has items, among which you can find both popular and rare coins. Crypto Icons. Colored and monochrome are traditional solutions for icons, but there is always an alternative. For example, Fintech Icon Set gets its beauty from a modern color-shifting effect, whereas the icons pack by Iconshock has a smooth cutting-edge feel thanks to a beautiful gradient. Both these bundles have almost 50 items related to the blockchain industry covering such vital concepts as profit, wallet, transaction, and of course, popular tokens such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Etherium.

Fintech Icon Set. Icons by Iconshock. If you are a fan of the line style, which can be seen in a ton of websites, then look at these two packs below. They skillfully benefit from a refined, outlined aesthetics. Cryptocurrency Icons Set by Daviann Bespoke.

Cryptocurrency Icons Set by Daviann Bespoke demonstrates bitcoin in several general concepts that are modern and sophisticated. Synergy from Flowency. Much like the previous pack, this one was also designed with blockchain companies in mind. However, this time, you will find almost 70 tiny detailed illustrations. Some of the concepts are ideal for the fintech niche, while others like venture, innovation, immutable are perfect for the non-financial blockchain sector.

The team has skillfully embraced the minimalistic approach using only crucial details to illustrate the concept. They also use the two-tone palette that feels amazing and clutter-free thanks to color shifting. The package by Askhat Gromov screams a retro vibe on all fronts with its adorable badge-styled interpretation. It can be used in traditional designs and, of course, the modern ones since it looks exceptional.

Each icon is delivered in three formats, among which you can find an AI file that gives you an opportunity to replace text, set color, and change size. Step aside from classic graphical formats and explore a valid alternative that allows you to quickly and efficiently add any crypto coin or blockchain-related concept to creative work and customize it through basic CSS styles.

Yes, we are talking about web fonts that give you lots of freedom in manipulating icons without compromising quality. Besides, they are retina-ready. Therefore, they are ideal for responsive and mobile-friendly projects.

There are several popular and time-tested options in the wild such as Cryptocoins and Cryptofont. Let us consider them closely. The Cryptocoins pack by Martin Allien is said to be the complete set of currencies. From famous Bitcoin to unheard Byteball, the collection is impressive. Note the font was created several years ago, so chances are it features some tokens that are already non-existent. As for hits, they are certainly there. Cryptofont is a regularly updated web font that already has more than icons.

It is open-source so that anyone can contribute to it. The Crypto world is back up and running. Although no one can tell whether it is a fraud, a Ponzi scheme, or a real thing that leads to an entirely new era of decentralized payment systems, still the truth is, it is a part of our life. Therefore, you can undoubtedly derive some benefits from our collection of free cryptocurrency icon packs.

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